Synorate File Locker

Synorate File Locker 1.0

Restrict access to certain files on your Pocket PC


  • Locks multiple files and folders
  • Can lock files on system memory or SD card


  • Configuration is a bit confusing


Let's face it, most of us have stuff on our PDAs that we wouldn't want other people to see. One of the simplest ways to protect this data from being seen by others is to install a program like Synorate File Locker.

The application is designed to help you avoid unwanted access to your private files if you leave your device lying around, or if it gets stolen. Synorate File Locker allows you to assign a password to selected files or folders on your Windows Mobile handset.

Setting up Synorate File Locker is more confusing than it should be however. In order to access the program in the first place it asks you for your password, which obviously you do not have yet. So, you need to use the program's default password, which is '1281'. The only way I could seem to find this information was on the manual on the developer's site, which is a bit of an oversight I thought. Once you've entered this password, you can change it to a secret code of your choosing.

Once you're logged in, you can start applying password restrictions to any file or folder on your system, using the file browser. Again, usability is an issue here because the way of labeling whether files are protected or not isn't particularly clear. Files protected are labeled with a star (*), folders containing protected files are also labeled with a star, and folders containing some protected files are marked with a dot (.). Given that the protected file information is displayed in an already cluttered Explorer interface, some more visual icons would've been more helpful I feel.

That said, Synorate File Locker does provide a very useful service, allowing you to keep certain files away from prying eyes.

Synorate File Locker


Synorate File Locker 1.0

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